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APIs Rule the Realtime Experience Economy

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The Internet of Things (IoT), including smartphones and wearables, has created an instant-update lifestyle. The IoT has also propelled the creation of myriad apps and services to meet the needs and increasing expectations of today’s always-on consumers. For years now, we’ve heard that companies are judged based on the quality of their customer experiences. Since the pandemic, with the world going online as never before, the competition to get customer experience right is intense.


The underlying technology that pulls together today’s complex, data-driven communications channel technologies behind the scenes and creates a seamless experience is the application programming interface (API). APIs are the building blocks for modern application software and digital services. These bundles of code act as a bridge between digital services, allowing one app to access information or capabilities from another. They’re key to the proliferation of the communications channels used by everyone.


“As channels continue to proliferate and evolve, more companies are realizing that APIs are a key focus that can help them successfully launch new services and transform their business, relationships, and experiences,” says Rohit Tripathi, Chief Product Officer for Digital Interconnect.


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About the Author
Rohit Tripathi is Chief Product Officer, Go-to-Market, SAP Digital Interconnect, and brings with him over 20 years of experience in software and business operations. In his current role, Rohit focuses on bringing to market value added solutions that help SAP Digital Interconnect customers get more engaged, secure and gather actionable insights in the Digital World. Rohit also serves on the North American Board of Directors for Mobile Marketers Association. Previously, Rohit held various leadership positions at SAP in the area of technology and products. Prior to joining SAP, Rohit was with The Boston Consulting Group where he advised senior executives of Fortune 500 companies on business strategy and operations.