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CPaaS and the Future of Enterprise Engagement

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Digital Interconnect has been providing interconnect solutions in the CPaaS space for over a decade. But in that time, even before the accelerated transitions forced by the extraordinary events of 2020, the industry and the context in which it operates have transformed beyond recognition.


To understand the role of CPaaS — which IDC estimates will become a $17.2 billion business by 2023 — in the present global enterprise communications matrix, I caught up with Rohit Tripathi, Chief Product Officer and Arti Yadav, Global Marketing Director.


“The drive for digitisation, the need for flexibility, and the business need for more and more applications beyond the typical front end customer touchpoints, to have elements of connect and communications built right into them, is fuelling the rise of CPaaS”, Tripathi explained. “In the past, a logistics company for example would have had a UCaaS offering, but that is more for their customer contact center and support service. Now they need to tie it to their fulfilment and shipping services, and UCaaS would probably be overkill in that situation — so CPaaS provides the flexibility for continued digital transformation.”


Read the full article on UC Today.


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