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CPaaS and the secrets of customer engagement success

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The concept of the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is well established. It describes the use of cloud computing services to enable organisations to deliver sophisticated, multichannel communications and omnichannel experiences, without the need to build and maintain all the infrastructure – and make all the connections – needed to deliver such services themselves.

These digital communications services are more important than ever in an age when customers are constantly redefining how they communicate with brands, and how they want companies to communicate and engage with them. If your customers are using SMS, e-mail, and social channels for their different needs – perhaps SMS for delivery notifications, e-mail for detailed product information, and WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for two-way customer service queries – then your company needs to be available on each, if not all, of those channels. And if you’re doing business in parts of the world where other social channels are popular or emerging, then you need to be available on those channels too – and quickly. 


This, of course, is what CPaaS enables, but not all CPaaS providers offer the same capabilities, so when choosing who to work with, there are some critical questions to ask. 


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