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CPaaS delivers successful developer and customer experiences for enterprises

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CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) solutions have long been popular in technology circles, especially among developers who appreciate how such capabilities can simplify the development process and reduce the time and complexity needed to bring a new digital engagement solution to market.


In recent years, however, the popularity of CPaaS has extended beyond its traditional IT stronghold, as businesses of all types and sizes have become more digitalized, and it has become more widely recognised that in fact, CPaaS solutions and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), drive the digital economy.


Because enterprises today recognise that a key element of success in the digital transformation of a business is the ability to drive end point connections, whether these end points are people or things. The more end points the enterprise connects and networks it enables, the more success it will have in digitisation. And this is where CPaaS has become so critical, because it drives these connections between the enterprise, people – including its own employees and its customers – and things, by which we mean the Internet of Things (IoT), in which sensors monitor and control everything from the temperature of a cold-chain shipment to the status of a valve on a pipeline thousands of miles away. 


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About the Author
Rohit Tripathi is Chief Product Officer, Go-to-Market, SAP Digital Interconnect, and brings with him over 20 years of experience in software and business operations. In his current role, Rohit focuses on bringing to market value added solutions that help SAP Digital Interconnect customers get more engaged, secure and gather actionable insights in the Digital World. Rohit also serves on the North American Board of Directors for Mobile Marketers Association. Previously, Rohit held various leadership positions at SAP in the area of technology and products. Prior to joining SAP, Rohit was with The Boston Consulting Group where he advised senior executives of Fortune 500 companies on business strategy and operations.