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Sinch Contact Center Provides Omnichannel Communication Capabilities

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Contact centers are busier today than ever. This is due, in large part, to the “digital transformation” trend of the past few years where companies have invested in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, virtual assistants, and Cloud-based services to redefine business processes and improve the customer journey.


And of course, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to surge in hotspots across the globe, many companies have moved their business entirely online, which puts additional strain on customer service operations and the contact center in particular.


Unfortunately, in many cases this has resulted in long hold times, over-stressed contact-center employees, and unhappy customers. So what’s a company to do? One quick win is to implement a Cloud-based contact center solution that can help reduce wait times, improve first contact resolution, and deliver improved customer experience.


Key features of any good Cloud-based contact center should include the following:


  • Programmable IVR to facilitate customer self service
  • AI-based chat/voice bots to help automate routine inquiries and common issues
  • Universal skills-based routing to connect customers – regardless of communication channel – to the best resource (reducing the need to transfer callers to other departments)
  • Scheduled call-backs to reduce wait times during busy periods (so that customers don’t have to wait on hold)

While there are numerous Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) products on the market, only solution one offers native integration with SAP Service Cloud as well as omni-channel support across ALL communications channels including: PSTN telephony, VoIP, email, web chat, video chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc. And that solution is Sinch Contact Center cloud service.


Currently, Sinch Contact Center offers the strongest out-of-box integration with SAP Service Cloud, including features such as:


  • Automatic identification of customers in SAP Service Cloud based on customer phone number and/or email address
  • Ability to accept/reject incoming customer communications directly from SAP Service Cloud
  • Ability to place outbound phone calls directly from SAP Service Cloud
  • Automatic inclusion of call recording links directly inside SAP Service Cloud’s Customer Hub
  • Automatic inclusion of chat transcripts in SAP Service Cloud’s Customer Hub
  • Automatic linking of emails (including attachments) handled via SAP Contact Center directly inside SAP Service Cloud’s Customer Hub

Sinch Contact Center also provides comprehensive telephony capabilities, including critical features that are required to run a large, professional, enterprise contact center. These capabilities include things like:


  • IVR and skills-based routing to match incoming callers with the best-suited agent
  • Queue voice mail so that customers can leave a message if they call during non-business hours
  • Ability to offer scheduled callbacks during busy periods so customers don’t have to wait on hold
  • Call recording, including the ability to pause/resume call recordings to help support PCI and GDPR compliance
  • Support for outbound call lists and campaigns, including outbound dialing, as well as the ability to blend inbound and outbound campaigns
  • Robust call scripting, including interactive scripts, to help guide agents through unfamiliar, complex, or legally-sensitive customer conversations
  • Reusable email and chat reply templates (also known as “canned responses” or “text snippets”) to help agents quickly reply to customers with minimal typing
  • Post-call surveys to help gauge customer satisfaction and help improve customer experience
  • Real-time dashboards, reports, and analytics to help manage and optimize contact center operations

And finally, Sinch Contact Center also supports digital channels that can help transform your legacy call center into a modern, omnichannel contact center. Supported channels include:

  • Email
  • Web chat (including chatbot integration)
  • Video chat
  • SMS
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Etc.

Take a look at the following video to learn more about the benefits of Sinch Contact Center.


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