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The “Whole Company” Contact Center

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The contact center is a critical factor in how brands engage with their customers. A brand could be running a campaign with multiple calls to action, and in some instances, it may succeed in achieving a light-touch conversion, where the customer sees an offer, clicks on a link to redeem it, and no further interaction is necessary.

But there are many instances where the customer, or potential customer, needs direct engagement with the brand, and in this scenario, the contact center is usually their only option, and the brand’s only opportunity to have a relationship with that customer. So, it’s vital that the experience is a good one.

The key to delivering this good – no let’s be honest, great –  experience is enabling the customer to engage with the brand through the channel of their choice, whether that’s voice, chat, email, or any of the myriad social channels, from WhatsApp to WeChat. Brave – or rather foolish – is the brand that wants to dictate the channel or channels a customer can use to interact with them. If they don’t support the customer’s preferred channel, the customer is more likely to switch brand allegiance than download and install whatever app the brand requires them to.


Customers today want and expect enterprises to recognize their channel preferences and engage with them on their terms. Offering multichannel customer engagement is part of a superior brand experience.


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Top 5 Reasons for Contact Center Digital Transformation


Call centers, often seen as the company's cost center and departments for Rodney Dangerfield, have historically been ignored during digital transformation initiatives. But doing nothing today only increases the cost - reaching millions of dollars - as different agents spend time trying to solve problems and get information to improve the customer experience.

Here are state-of-the-art call centers, not limited to real estate, physical and attached equipment, that are implemented in collaboration with the rest of the company - and you can:


  1. Improved customer experiences
  2. Noticeable productivity gains
  3. Cost savings
  4. Reduced employee turnover
  5. Higher quality talent.