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Why It's Worth Having Meaningful Conversations with Machines

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If the catch-phrase in the mid-aughts was “there’s an app for that,” the one for the next business wave will be “there’s a bot for that.” Bots are the bits of code that apply logical or reasoning in response to data input, producing a response, be it conversational, audio or a visual image. We are already seeing micro-services emerge, controlled by algorithms that are driven by bots able to make suggestions, recommendations and more on websites.


Susan Galer recently attended a Gartner webinar where analysts introduced algorithmic business as the next generation beyond digital. Gartner defines digital business as the creation of new business designs that result from the blurring of digital and physical worlds. Algorithmic business takes digital one step further, where smart machines use algorithms to change outcomes based on their experiences. Machines can develop their own formulas, realizing unanticipated results for people and business. Smart machines are only going to get smarter. Gartner predicts that by next year, over 50 percent of analytics implementations will use data streams generated from machines, applications and/or people.


Click here to read the full blog by Susan Galer on Forbes digital magazine.