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How are delivery reports or acknowledgements supported by Live Link 365?

You can request SMS status information with each API request.  In the API request, set the acknowledgement parameter to “true” (refer to the Resources->SMS Messaging API V2 ->POST /v2/sms in the API reference for more details. Status information will then be passed on to you in a JSON format. Live Link 365 has two ways to provide these messages:



You can setup a service listening for incoming HTTP requests. Live Link 365 gives you two options for indicating where the status information should be sent to:

  • A callback can be configured for each account. This will be the default location that is used. 
  • For more flexibility, each API request can include callback address in the “callback parameter (see the API reference).

For more information about callbacks, see our “Callbacks” technical blog 

API GET requests

You can search incoming status information that has come in over a period of time using the sms status API:

This will retrieve a list of messages using the same JSON format as the callbacks listed above.

See the Resources->SMS Messaging API V2 ->GET /v2/sms/status section in the API reference for more details.


Fernando Nakano
Lead Developer Sinch
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