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How does 2-way messaging work?

Once the correct phone numbers are configured on your account, your customers will be able to send that phone number a text message, which will then be passed on to you in a JSON format. Live Link 365 has two ways to provide these messages:

  • Callbacks: You can configure a callback on your account, where you will setup a service listening for incoming HTTP requests. We will send you the incoming message as soon as it comes into our service.  For more information, see our “Callbacks” technical blog 
  • API GET requests: You can search incoming messages that have come in over a period of time using the This will retrieve a list of messages using the same JSON format as the callbacks listed above.

Refer the SMS Messaging API V2 ->GET /v2/sms/mo section in the API reference for more details.


Fernando Nakano
Lead Developer Sinch
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