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Community Manager

Live Link 365 - Solution Brief

Live Link 365 - Creating a supportive environment for developers
The Digital Interconnect helps developers build innovative apps and services that change the world. The Live Link 365 mobile service simplifies access to our superior interconnectivity services with RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs) and a standard OAuth 2.0 authentication framework. It also offers enablement resources that make app creation
faster and more convenient.
Digital transformation is being driven by developers using APIs to build innovative new apps,
services, and solutions. The continuously growing availability of APIs has led to an exponential
growth in the number of new apps and services developed in the last few years.
But we know that not all APIs are equal and that simply exposing our APIs is not enough.
As well as offering the functionality that programmers need, we want to help you use this functionality in a productive manner.
Live Link 365 provides enablement tools, such as interactive documentation, use-case examples, and analytics, that support you as you access our digital interconnect services. This
means you can quickly and easily add interconnect functionality to your apps and build solutions with secure, reliable last-mile connections anywhere in the world – reaching everyone, everything, everywhere.
Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch
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