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Tips for using Acknowledgements in Live Link 365

When you send an SMS through Live Link 365, acknowledgements are generated, which allow you to track the success of your SMS delivery.


The Live Link 365 SMS API has a number of options to help make acknowledgements more useful depending on your particular scenario:


Tracking acknowledgements based on custom identifiers – SUBJECT field

In most scenarios, SMS requests aren’t sent in isolation, but are part of a larger workflow or system. It can be helpful to track SMS’s based on some data in the workflow or to logically group a set of SMS’s together with some custom identifier. Live Link 365 can help with this through the SUBJECT field. When sending an SMS API request, use the “SUBJECT”=<custom string> parameter to add your own identifier to the message. When Live Link 365 sends you acknowledgements based on this request, we will include this SUBJECT string in the Acknowledgements.


FINAL status

Acknowledgements are generated at multiple points throughout an SMS’s journey – when they are accepted, when we deliver them to our downstream partner, and if available, when the SMS is finally delivered to the handset. Each SMS request can generate three or more acknowledgements.  So how do you know if you should expect to get additional acknowledgements?  


One simple way is to request a “FINAL” status on the acknowledgement. When sending an SMS request, add the optional parameter: “ackFinalStatus” = true. For the acknowledgements generated on this request, you will receive an additional field, “FINAL”, indicating whether or not this is the last acknowledgement you will receive for this SMS. 


If you are ONLY interested in the final acknowledgement – in this case, you can additionally add the optional parameter: “ackFinalOnly” = true to your SMS request. If this is sent, Live Link 365 will only return the final Acknowledgements.


For more information on acknowledgements, refer to:


Michael Smith,
Product Manager
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