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What is Live Link 365?

Live Link 365 is a Programmable Digital Interface, with a set of easily consumable and configurable interconnect APIs that empower programmers and technical business professionals to incorporate Digital Interconnect’s services and interconnect capabilities into their business applications and workflows and be Live with last mile reach.


Live Link 365 provides multi-channel interconnect APIs as well as comprehensive development resources that enable users to connect to their customers easily and quickly. Built on an enterprise grade, proven infrastructure, Live Link 365 can help you send delivery notifications, account breach alerts, one-time password and password reset alerts, marketing offers, and more to customers in over 220 countries.


What are the benefits of Live Link 365?


  • Connect across international borders - Digital Interconnect’s cloud-based engagement services enable enterprises to connect the last mile with their customers in more than 220 countries and territories and to benefit from high quality routes and low A2P pricing due to the many operator relationships Digital Interconnect has in place.
  • Reduce time to value for your apps - Thanks to the easy-to-access resources and comprehensive enablement tools offered by Live Link 365, you can achieve in a matter of weeks what used to take two to three months.
  • Help you realize the potential of our APIs - Through Digital Interconnect‘s intuitive digital interface, you can access enablement resources that make our mobile services easier to consume and quick to deploy.
  • Integrate state-of-the-art functionality into your solutions - The solution provides easily consumable RESTful APIs to simplify development, and a secure OAuth 2.0 authentication framework that enables you to simply and securely authenticate your requests.
  • Create a supportive environment for developers - Live Link 365 provides enablement tools, such as interactive documentation, use-case examples, and analytics, that support you as you access our digital interconnect services.


Michael Smith,
Product Manager
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