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What is the difference between A2P and P2P SMS?

SMS traffic can be classified as either Application-to-person (A2P) or Person-to-person (P2P). 

  • P2P traffic is the end-user to end-user traffic we all use in daily life. When a person sends a text message to their friend to make plans for later that evening, it is a P2P message.
  • A2P traffic originates from a program, such as an SMS-based 2FA token or a package delivery notification. Most traffic sent by programmatically by enterprises would be A2P traffic. A2P has some benefits, for example, the ability to customize routing to optimize costs and additional transparency about delivery success. At the same time, A2P is scrutinized and regulated to prevent SMS spam. A2P regulations vary from country to country and navigating the regulatory requirements of a global SMS campaign can be daunting.

SAP Digital Interconnect has experts in major markets around the world that can guide you and ensure a successful SMS campaign.


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William Dudley Head of Mobile Innovations & Evagelism,
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