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What’s included with Live Link 365?

Live Link 365 provides interconnect APIs, industry standard authentication protocols (OAuth2), service configuration and initialization capabilities, interactive documentation and additional developer enablement materials, and service measurement capabilities.


The service components are:


Interconnect Services

RESTful APIs to send SMS, 2FA or other interconnect requests.

Two different methods for receiving incoming SMS or delivery status:

  • Callback service to deliver any incoming SMS or delivery statuses to our customer’s URL
  • API to retrieve incoming SMS or delivery statuses.

Portal components

The portal is split into three sections:


Initiate – contains the following configuration services a developer needs to setup their service:

  • Account and user management
  • Phone numbers (Read-only – Digital Interconnect staff will assist in configuring phone numbers for each account)
  • App Key management – users can create, delete, or refresh the App keys needed for the OAuth2 protocol
  • Try it out! – a walkthrough that lets a customer try out the service by sending their first live SMS, confirming that their account and numbers are setup correctly, and seeing an code example of how the API to send that message would be called in multiple languages.

Documentation – contains the documentation and developer enablement materials needed to integrate interconnect services into their programs:

  • Getting started guide – walk through of the website and explanation of how to send their first message
  • API Reference – Swagger based interactive documentation.  Swagger is an industry standard API documentation format.  Additionally, each API has example code, explaining how to call the API in Java, Javascript, and Python
  • Sample Projects – small programs designed to meet a potential customer use case, presented in a tutorial format
  • Technical Blogs – Detailed technical explanation and best practices centred around topics related to messaging.


  • Analytics – graphs and summary data for the previous month of data
  • Log – Shows the individual API requests submitted.


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Product Manager
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