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Is it possible to reach from E-mail 365 one SMTP server relay on premise?

We are looking to use our one enteprise domain to forward our markeing campaigns, I undestand E-mail 365 provide some SMTP connector to make it work.

In case this feature was not available, I understand I cant use our official corporate mail domain.

Is this right?

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Re: Is it possible to reach from Email 365 one SMTP server relay on premise?

Although it is technically possible, we strongly recommend not to use the corporate domain to send marketing emails. It is always better to use a new domain to send marketing e-mails. The benefits are:

  • ISP’s tend to recognize the emails coming from this domain as Marketing type of emails and therefore more likely to accept them (as long as other aspects are adhered to, for example, good content, clean contact lists, and so on).
  • If there are Sending Reputational issues then these issues will not have a major impact on the corporate domain, which could in theory effect your ability to send emails on that domain. This is because reputation is tied to domain.

Lastly, in our experience corporate domains are managed by the Corporate IT team and they do not allow internal teams to use the corporate domain for marketing email because of the above issues.


We can procure a new domain for your marketing emails use case. If you need more information on our E-Mail 365 API please refer to the link below:


Marut Gaonkar,
Product Manager, Sinch
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Re: Is it possible to reach from SAP-Email 365 one SMTP server relay on premise?

Thanks for your quick answer.

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