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Issue with receiving campaign metrics

We recently implemented Hybris/SAP Marketing on-premise (1709) and are looking to implement SInch E-mail 365 as our ESP (Email Service Provider). We've run into several major issues, one of them being unable to receive "email Opens". We receive it if a customer clicks on a link in the email, but that's pointless, because the "Opens" help us strategize subject lines/content (A/B testing and changing what we send). Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?


We currently use IBM Watson Campaign Automation/Silverpop that's super mature, so this seems like an expensive downgrade. Silverpop and other mature ESPs add a 1x1 tracking pixel to track Opens, but that basic functionality seems to be missing.


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Re: Issue with receiving campaign metrics

Thank you for your feedback. SAP Marketing Cloud supports open email tracking (campaign analytics) including setting up campaigns with A/B testing. Customers can set up automated A/B testing to find out the most efficient email for campaign using Rate of Opened Messages or Unique Click Rate. The Sinch E-mail 365 service can be integrated with these features available through SAP Marketing Cloud.


We would be happy to connect with you and provide more information on this, or if you have any support issues or need want to report an issue, then please contact our Service Desk team:


Some additional links about this topic are provided below for your reference:


Marut Gaonkar,
Product Manager, Sinch
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