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[MAINTENANCE] | SCHEDULED | Enterprise Messaging | DI SMS 365 | 23 Jan 2021 18:00 Hrs - 22:00 Hrs. GMT | DI Application


External Maintenance Notification

Type / Status



PCR Number


Platform / Service

DI SMS 365


Maintenance Type


Start Date & Time (GMT) :

23 Jan 2021 18:00 Hrs.


End Date & Time (GMT) :

23 Jan 2021 22:00 Hrs.

Impact Assessment

Mobile Terminating (MT) Traffic:

Potential delay in delivery


Report Manager Access

Not Impacted

Mobile Originated (MO) Traffic:

Potential delay in delivery


Report Manager Statistics

Not Impacted

DR Notification:

Potential delay in delivery



Not Applicable




Long-lived connections (e.g. SMPP) will be broken and must be re-established and short-lived connections (e.g. HTTP) and potential MPLS connectivity may be unable to be established for a few (1-2) seconds, when control of the LTM cluster transitions between the nodes.  Most SMPP binds should be down only as long as it takes for the client to recognize the connection is broken.

At the very end, I am expecting the SMPP binds will be restarted to ensure all are re-established cleanly, but that operation will be performed by the team supporting those application.



    There will be three changes of control during this maintenance, each with an expected downtime of no more than a few seconds.


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