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Virtual Employee Engagement Masterclass, [Jun 23, 2020; London]

The Employee Engagement Masterclass for a London audience is being hosted for senior HR professionals from leading brands on Jun 23. If you are eligible to participate do register for this session.

Date: Tuesday 23rd Jun
Time: 9:00 am - 10:40 am


Our topic is Using Intelligent Interconnectivity to quickly reach your people. Anywhere. Anytime.

PICT_20190730_184120.JPGPedro Borrero will represent SAP Digital Interconnect as the presenter at this session and will speak on 
how many companies lack the technology to monitor fast-moving regional events, connect with employees around the world, and maintain operational efficiency during a crisis - During typical business activities, out-of-the ordinary occurrences, and emergencies, instant communication with employees and other people is essential to preventing or  mitigating business disruptions.


Kelston Smith and Sue Doyle will join Pedro for the round table sessions. The team does look forward to interracting with you during this time.


SAP People Connect 365 allows companies to communicate with groups of people instantly by mobile phone. It is a cloud-based service that uses predefined business rules and keywords, dynamic risk monitoring, and automated processes and response tracking. We are offering a 30 day trial of SAP People Connect 365 at no cost - don't miss it - Click here to know more and request for your free trial.




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