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Glossary .?123


Glossary .?123

+1 marketplace

Collectively refers to the USA and Canadian country code: 1. The +1 marketplace is a significantly important destination for operators around the world – essentially as it is how people can text or call others in the USA and Canada.



Ten-Digit Long Code (or 10-Digit Long Code) – this describes the long-standing “project” of US-based mobile operators to fully sanction long code A2P traffic, leveraging the inter-carrier P2P ecosystem. This project requires both carrier integration as well as contractual updates to numerous customers and a migration period and will be a significant project in 2019.



Second Generation



Third Generation - The third generation wireless service provides high data speeds, always-on data access and greater voice capacity. The high data speeds enable full motion video, high-speed internet access and video-conferencing, and are measured in Mbps. 3G technology standards include UMTS, based on WCDMA technology (quite often the two terms are used interchangeably) and CDMA2000, which is the evolution of the earlier CDMA 2G technology. UMTS standard is generally preferred by countries that use GSM network. The data transmission rates range from 144 kbps to more than 2 mbps.



Third-Generation Partnership Project - An organization focused on GSM network standards. Also referred to as 3GPP.



Third-Generation Partnership Project 2 - An organization focused on CDMA network standards. Also referred to as 3GPP2.



Fourth Generation mobile network. See LTE.



Fifth Generation mobile network. 5G defines the next generation of mobile networks beyond (4G) LTE and LTE-Advanced.  This is a 3GPP standard in Release 15 and beyond.


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