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Glossary A


Glossary A


Application to Peer (or Person) messaging. The traditional designation for business or enterprise messaging where a business uses SMS to send content such as alerts, notifications, communications to mobile subscribers.  Typically, this is a one-way only (traffic to the subscriber from the business); however, it can go both ways, if the “campaign’ or messaging program allows interactive responses from the mobile subscriber.


A2P Control Protocol

Application to Person. A protocol that is used to facilitate the confirmation of a wireless subscriber’s intent to purchase multimedia from a VASP.


Account ID

Account ID - customers are issued a unique Account ID when their account is first set up.



An acknowledgement is a confirmation received from the handset or SMSC. Conversely a notification is a confirmation used within the Hub when meesages are sent to a customer.


Acquisition Rate

Percentage of respondents who opted in to participate in a mobile initiative/campaign. Acquisition rate = total participants/total audience.


Ad Impression

An advertisement impression transpires each time a consumer is exposed to an advertisement (either prepended or appended to an SMS message, on mobile web or web page, within a video clip, or related media).


Affiliate Marketing

A process whereby a Content Provider provides financial consideration to one or more persons or entities in exchange for their agreement to offer Content Providers’ products and/or services to users.



An aggregator is an organization that acts as a middleman between application and content providers, and mobile carriers. Provides message traffic throughput to multiple wireless operators or other aggregators; provides mobile initiative campaign oversight, and administration, as well as billing services.



Notifications, typically in the form of a text or multimedia message, containing time-sensitive information (event details, weather, news, services updates) that are pushed to a mobile subscriber who has opted-in to receive this information. Note: If the mobile subscriber has not opted in to receive said information, the notification would be considered SPAM.



Application Messaging (A2P)


AM ProdOps

The Application Messaging (A2P) ProdOps Team



See Application Programming Interface (API)


Application Manager

Application Manager is a web interface that allows customers to set up a range of mobile application services such as:

  • configure a variety of campaigns, such as voting, trivia, competitions, subscription, alerts and broadcast services
  • modify campaign parameters
  • build a subscriber database exporting the participant/end user list from each campaign
  • monitor campaign progress and traffic volumes
  • create and upload mobile content, including text, images, sounds and rich mobile applications for delivery via SMS, MMS, and WAP
  • set up competitions
  • issue mobile alerts
  • other mobile content services.


Application Programming Interface (API)

A computer-based source code interface used to support requests for services. In this case, requested services handle inbound and outbound message interactions.


Application Server

The server where the customers MT message submission is received. It is only a firewall or a load balancer between the Customers server and the Application Server.


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