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Glossary D


Glossary D


The number of users who use the app or service at least once per day.  Contrast to Monthly Active User (MAU) – a measurement of monthly usage.



Data Coding Schema - This is a method to define what character encoding is being used.


Dedicated Short Code

The process of running only one service on a Common Short Code at any given time.


Delivery Notifications

Delivery Notifications are message acknowledgments sent from the Digital Interconnect network to customers. When delivering messages through the Digital Interconnect network, customers can request to receive the following acknowledgment types: - Digital Interconnect Ack,- SMS-C Ack,- Handset Ack. For unsuccessful delivery attempts, Digital Interconnect returns a negative acknowledgment (Nack) outlining the failure reason.

Note: Delivery notifications are an operator-dependent feature, and that not all operators support handset acknowledgments.


Destination Options

Connection to a specific country by operator or route.


Direct + TPOA

A combination of Direct and TPOA routing.


Direct Routing

This route is a direct connection to an operator or when the operator the SMS is designated for is located in the same country as the operator Digital Interconnect routes to (for example, usage of T-Mobile UK to deliver an SMS to Vodafone UK). This is often the most expensive, but the most reliable connection. Despite offering good service quality, Direct Routing does not always include standard features such as TPOA, Binary, and UDH.


Double Opt-in

The process of confirming a mobile subscriber’s wish to participate in a mobile program by requesting the subscriber to opt-in twice, prior to engaging the subscriber. A requirement for premium and many other types of mobile services.


Dynamic TPOA

This feature allows the user to specify what text is displayed on the phone (the sender ID of the message) when you receive an SMS message.

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