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Glossary E


Glossary E


An ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector)) standard that defines global telephone number format.  As described in by the ITU, the E.164 general format must contain only digits split as follows:

  • Country code (max 3 digits)
  • Subscriber number (max 12 digits)

We many times refer to a telephone number as a MSISDN –the Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number – for example,  a telephone number using international E.164 format. This term is used in quite a few messaging documents. It is sometimes pronounced as “miz-din.” You may also see the term: MDN – or Mobile Directory Number – also referring to a telephone number, using the international E.164 format.



External Machine Interface.



Enhanced Messaging Service - An EMS-enabled mobile phone can send and receive messages that have special text formatting (such as bold or italic), animations, pictures, icons, sound effects and special ring tones. EMS messages that are sent to devices that do not support it will be displayed as SMS transmissions. EMS is a cross-industry collaboration between Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens and Alcatel, among others.


Error Codes

A 4-byte hexadecimal error code style is used in the Digital Interconnect messaging hub. There are both internal and external error codes, that is, codes that are sent to the customers and codes that are only used internally. The database table STATUS is used to describe the error codes.



External Short Message Entity.



Eastern Standard Time - EST is 5 hours behind of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), that is, it's time offset is UTC-5.



European Telecommunication Standard.



European Telecommunication Standards Institute.

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