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Glossary IJK


Glossary IJK


Integrated Circuit Card Identifier – a unique number identifying a SIM card.



The commercial company that manages the directory of common short codes in the United States on behalf of the Common Short Code Association (CSCA – owned by the CTIA).



Incident Management



International Mobile Equipment Identity - See entry for International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).



An International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) is a unique number that uniquely identifies every GSM subscriber (user of a cellular network). It is stored as a 64-bit field (usually fifteen digits) and is sent by the mobile device to the network associated with Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) network mobile phone users.


The traditional SIM card issued by a mobile operator contains a single IMSI for the issuing operator. The IMSI is then used to authorize access to mobile networks, whether the home network or another network the device has roamed.


Incident Management (IM)

The activities undertaken to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible while minimizing adverse impact on business operations. IM is a reactive, short-term solution focusing on restoring service.



Messages routed via an indirect SMSC opposed to the destination operator's SMSC.



The date/time the ROUTER Process in the MT ROUTER is processed the MT.


International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)

A 15 digit, unique serial number assigned to a mobile phone. IMEI consists of five groups of numbers.

  • the first group represents the manufacturer;
  • the second sequence identifies the Type Approval Code (TAC) or model number;
  • the third represents Final Assembly Code (FAC);
  • the fourth is the device serial number;
  • the fifth is a spare single digit (usually 0).


Interstitial Image Ad

An advertising image that is inserted into the middle of a complete MMS message. This image will be displayed as the subscriber is viewing the complete MMS message.


Interstitial Text Ad

A text page that is displayed in the middle of the MMS message.


Interstitial Video Ad

An advertising video clip that is inserted in the middle of a complete MMS message. This video plays back as the subscriber is viewing the complete MMS message.



Internet Protocol



Digital Interconnect messaging hub located in a Paris France data center.  iSMS (or international SMS) hub processes messages from virtually every country in the world.  This hub uses a variety of protocols to connect to the global GSM ecosystem.



Instant Voice Response - see entry for Instant Voice Response (IVR).



Java Message Service.



A word or name used to distinguish a targeted message within a Short Code Service.




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