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Glossary O


Glossary O


Operator Charging Gateway - This is a mediation billing platform that enables mobile content providers to charge subscribers from any connected mobile network directly to their mobile phone bill.



Open Database Connectivity - This is a standard or open application programming interface (API) for accessing a database.


Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)

An organization focused to mobile wireless network standards. Also referred to as OMA.



An operator in a country that messages are delivered to.


Operator ID

Identification Number for an operator in the billing system.


Operator Pricing

This is pricing to send messages to end-users of an operator in a specific country.



The process where a Subscriber provides explicit consent, after receiving Notice from the Mobile Marketer.



The process through which a Subscriber revokes consent after receiving Notice from the Mobile Marketer. An example of an Opt-out process includes, but is not limited to, a Subscriber replying to an SMS message with the phrase “stop.”


Opt-out Mechanism

A process by which a Subscriber may exercise his or her right to Opt-out.



A unique message identification number. Internally a decimal value but in some applications the corresponding hexadecimal value is used.


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