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Glossary O


Glossary O


Operator Charging Gateway - This is a mediation billing platform that enables mobile content providers to charge subscribers from any connected mobile network directly to their mobile phone bill.



Open Database Connectivity - This is a standard or open application programming interface (API) for accessing a database.


Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)

An organization focused to mobile wireless network standards. Also referred to as OMA.



An operator in a country that SAP Mobile Services can deliver messages to.


Operator ID

Identification Number for an operator in the SAP Mobile Services billing system.


Operator Pricing

This is pricing to send messages to end-users of an operator in a specific country.



The process where a Subscriber provides explicit consent, after receiving Notice from the Mobile Marketer.



The process through which a Subscriber revokes consent after receiving Notice from the Mobile Marketer. An example of an Opt-out process includes, but is not limited to, a Subscriber replying to an SMS message with the phrase “stop.”


Opt-out Mechanism

A process by which a Subscriber may exercise his or her right to Opt-out.



SAP Mobile Services unique message identification number. Internally a decimal value but in some applications the corresponding hexadecimal value is used.


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