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Glossary R


Glossary R

Random Short Code

A random number sequence assigned by the administration body to the company leasing the short code.



Document issued by Sales Account Management to provide commercials and coverage per destination.



Route Cause Analysis - The process of trying to determine what was the actually route cause of a problem.



Rich Communications Service – a GSMA standard messaging suite that is the successor to SMS/MMS – based on consolidated GSMA standards call Universal Protocol that is gaining momentum, spurred by Google, the GSMA, Vodafone Group and operators around the world. Will be heavily promoted as an A2P channel.



A message created by a client that is received, acknowledged, and performed by a server.



An acknowledgement or status message created by a server that is received by a client.


Retriable Status

A retriable status means that Digital Interconnect allows the customer to retry delivery of the message. However, Digital Interconnect itself will not be attempting to re-deliver the message.


Revenue Share (RS)

Revenue Share is an integral part Premium SMS. It is a billing mechanism that enables content providers to charge end-users to participate in mobile marketing events, also known as reverse billing. Charges are made by the wireless carrier directly to the mobile subscriber's account and share of charges or revenue is split between the operator, the content provider and the aggregator. Revenue Sharing message types include:
- Premium SMS
- Premium MO
- Premium MT
- Premium 2-way.



A service allowing mobile subscribers to use their handsets on the networks of other mobile carriers.



Revenue Share - See entry for Revenue Share (RS).



Report Transaction Event.


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