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[INCIDENT-RESOLVED] | Enterprise Messaging | DI SMS 365 | Potential delay in delivery from SDI towards SFMC | MNOC-28527

External Notification




Ticket #


Platform / Service

Enterprise Messaging




Incident Start Date & Time (GMT) :

25th March 2021 13:15 Hrs.


Incident End Date & Time (GMT) :

25th March 2021 14:00 Hrs.

Impact Assessment

Mobile Terminating (MT) Traffic:

Not impacted


Message Manager:

Not Impacted

Mobile Originated (MO) Traffic:

Potential delay in delivery from SDI towards SFMC



Not Impacted

DR Notification:

Not impacted Now



Not Applicable


1. DI internal monitoring system currently observing queues built up for Salesforce S1 binds connections within the DI SMS 365 platform.

2. There will be potential delay in traffic.

           * From SDI towards SFMC

3. We have enabled the PCAP traces from our Application to track down this issue.

Resolution Comments

All queues are cleared, and team will continue to investigate this issue to find out proper root cause.



If you have any queries related to this incident , please contact Service Desk team at

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