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[INCIDENT-RESOLVED] | Enterprise Messaging | DI SMS 365 | Potential Delay in delivery reports from one of our partners i

External Notification




Ticket #


Platform / Service

DI SMS 365




Incident Start Date & Time (GMT) :

24-Apr-2021 01:30 Hrs.


Incident End Date & Time (GMT) :

24-Apr-2021 08:00 Hrs.

Impact Assessment

Mobile Terminating (MT) Traffic:

Not Impacted


Message Manager:

Not Impacted

Mobile Originated (MO) Traffic:

Not Impacted



Not Impacted

DR Notification:

Not Impacted



Not Applicable


  • Monitoring NOC is currently observing delay in delivery reports for MT traffic from one of our partners in Malaysia.
  • Customers may face potential delay in DLR receipt for traffic bound towards the same.
  • DI Support team is currently working on high priority to resolve this issue.
  • DI Monitoring NOC will continue to follow-up and update you on the progress made.


Resolution Comments

  • Our support teams verified and confirmed the issue is resolved.
  • Traffic towards Malaysia is processing fine.
  • Monitoring NOC will continue to monitor the traffic


If you have any queries related to this incident , please contact Service Desk team at

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