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[INCIDENT - RESOLVED] | Enterprise messaging | DI MMS 365 – MM7 | Potential Delay in delivery of Multimedia messages | T

External Notification




Ticket #


Platform / Service

DI MMS 365 - MM7




Incident Start Date & Time (GMT) :

21-Apr-2021 18:25 Hrs.


Incident End Date & Time (GMT) :

21-Apr-2021 22:15 Hrs.

Impact Assessment

Mobile Terminating (MT) Traffic:

Not Impacted


Message Manager:

Not Impacted

Mobile Originated (MO) Traffic:

Not Impacted



Not Impacted

DR Notification:

Not Impacted



Not Applicable


1. Our internal monitoring has alerted to an incident, where we have MM7 queues built within our platform due to high traffic.
2. This would potentially cause delay in delivery of Multimedia messages.
3. Traffic in queue is processing normally and we will provide an update on the progress made.

Resolution Comments

  1. All queues have been cleared and traffic is resumed back to normal.
  2. DI Support teams verified the same and found the issue is resolved.
  3. DI Support teams will continue to monitor the traffic.

If you have any queries related to this incident , please contact Service Desk team at

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