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Customer monthly usage limit

SAP IoT Connect 365 allows you to set a monthly usage limit on all customers accounts. The limit is based on the customer's service usage and goes up accordingly. It is set in Euro and takes into consideration the cost of Data and SMS.


Why set such a limit?

This limit is set to prevent non desirable device misbehavior or hack. The connectivity services offered by SAP IoT Connect 365 have a cost and the limit is set based on the customer's specific expected usage. In some cases, we noticed high consumption peaks due to device misconfiguration, bug or sometimes hack. The set limit prevents the consumption from reaching unexpected levels which would lead to very high invoices.


Where can I see my monthly account limit in the UI?

The limit is not visible on the UI. To have more information about it, simply send an email to our support team who will make sure the limit is properly set.


What happens if the limit is reached?

If the limit of an organization is reached, all existing PDP context will be closed and new PDP contexts will be rejected. In other words, all endpoints linked to the account will go offline and stay offline until the limit is upgraded and the account unblocked.


FAQ- Monthly Usage Limit.png


How can I make sure I will not reach the limit?

The SAP IoT Connect 365 team constantly monitors the customer's monthly limit and makes sure it is increased accordingly to the customer's data and SMS usage. Consumption peaks are usually caused by device bugs misconfigurations or hack.

To prevent devices from exceeding the expected monthly usage, you can set usage limits (SMS or data limits are available), prepaid balance or quota. To prevent hacks, you can use the endpoint IMEI lock. We also strongly advise you to enable the two way authentication on your account.


Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch
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