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Community Manager

How does SAP IoT Connect 365 handle the movement of devices from one country to another?

Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch

Re: How does SAP IoT Connect 365 handle the movement of devices from one country to another?

Depending on your business, managing your various devices and their locations can be a big concern. For example, a consumer goods, automotive, shipping, or energy company could have one million SIMs or more deployed in its products, facilities, and assets around the globe. Companies operating at this scale need an IoT platform that offers a single SIM SKU and supports all SIM form factors so it can function with all networks across the life of each connected thing.


SAP IoT Connect 365 offers such an IoT platform and simplifies connectivity:

  • One contract, connection, and provider
  • Only pay for data as used
  • Full control via Web UI or API with programmable digital interface
  • Global reach and direct connections
  • Single SIM SKU supporting all SIM form factors.

When a device is moved to a new location the SIM automatically re-writes itself to the new location, thus ensuring consistent service and pricing regardless of location. This can provide a significant benefit to companies selling globally or one selling a product (single SKU/consumer appliance manufacturer model) that moves from country to country, for example, motor vehicles.


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John Candish Product Manager, SAP IoT Connect 365
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