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Why is it important for enterprises such as Infoways to develop an IoT strategy?

Arti Yadav,
Director, Strategic Go-To-Market projects
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Re: Why is it important for enterprises such as Infoways to develop an IoT strategy?

Connectivity among people, things, and businesses is increasing exponentially. Enabling flexible connectivity and data exchange between billions of things represents a tremendous opportunity. Without an IoT strategy, however, an enterprise can quickly be overwhelmed by a sprawl of things that need to be provisioned, managed, and connected – especially across multiple regions. Organizations must also be able to secure devices and reliably transmit data.


In Australia and throughout the world, companies are turning IoT proof of concepts into production-based systems to realize efficiencies, cost savings, and improved agility. Infoways seeks to use SAP IoT Connect 365 from SAP Digital Interconnect to help simplify connectivity to the IoT.


SAP IoT Connect 365 is a cloud-based, managed service, which supports consistent interconnectivity between devices and the entire IoT infrastructure. It simplifies the IoT by enabling your business to reach and access IoT devices and gateways across multiple MNOs worldwide through a single contract and connection with SAP Digital Interconnect.


The secure and elastic infrastructure of SAP IoT Connect 365 will enable Infoways customers to easily, consistently, and intelligently deploy, access, monitor, and control interconnectivity worldwide between connected things and business systems.


Click here to learn more about SAP IoT Connect 365.


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