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Community Manager

Digital Interconnect Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Digital Interconnect Community, which will help you gain greater knowledge and insight through peer to peer interaction. It's your place to participate and learn about Digital Interconnect products and services, exchange ideas and share experiences. So join in, start a discussion and become active in the community.


Please treat this community as you would a face to face gathering place and remember: 


  • Be respectful and courteous of others.
  • Be relevant to the topic on the board, blog, chat or thread.
  • Honor your contractual agreements.
  • Protect the privacy of yourself and others.
  • Apply good judgment to the use of user generated content in the community.
  • Follow the terms of service (can be found in bottom page link on our community home page)
  • Report abuse to the Community Management team.

By using this community, you agree to follow these rules as well as the full Terms of Service for this Community. We thank you, and your fellow community members thank you. If you recognize any violation of these guidelines, please notify us within the community by choosing Report Abuse to Moderator from the message's Options menu, or if you have any questions about our guidelines, terms, or policies, please let us know.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Digital Interconnect reserves the right to review, modify, delete, reprint, or redistribute all content users contribute to the system.


Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch
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