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Pregis is using SAP IoT Connect 365 to remotely monitor packaging machines and materials

Pregis Innovative Packaging, a privately held company with close to $800 million in revenue and 1,800 employees, is out to live up to its middle name by providing more innovation with internet-of-things technology in how it services customers.


The company, based in the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, Illinois, manufactures machinery used to produce materials that ecommerce companies rely on to protect goods in shipment, including plastic films, bubble wrap and custom-designed plastic foam. In addition to supplying the packaging materials, it also sells manufacturing equipment to customers who want to produce the packaging materials at their own fulfillment and distribution centers. The manufacturing equipment, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, is designed to produce custom-fitting materials to secure products. 


Keeping the machines humming along at customer locations, however, requires frequent monitoring and maintenance by Pregis field service staff and replenishment of chemicals and other supplies the equipment consumes to produce packaging materials. But now the company is operating with a new IoT-based system from business software company SAP SE that connects with IoT sensors embedded in its manufacturing equipment.


The SAP system includes multiple parts:

  • SAP IoT Connect 365, a service that manages the overall cloud-based IoT data system, including connections to mobile networks for access data on mobile devices;
  • The SAP Leonardo “digital innovation system,” which uses data, analytics and artificial intelligence software to provide insights into business operations;
  • SAP Edge Services, which processes data at the edge of a company’s computer network to support immediate data alerts
  • Connected Goods Software, an IoT-based system for managing inventory records.

The system is designed to provide Pregis and its customers the data they need to sharply reduce the number of field service staff visits and better manage the replenishment of supplies as needed.


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Shahzad Ismail
Head of Community Engagement