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Community Manager

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Digital Interconnect’s comprehensive programmable APIs streamline the integration of multichannel communications and microservices into backend systems and apps to provide secure, reliable, and immersive experiences for intelligent enterprises. Our programmable APIs are enabled through the Live Link 365 mobile service, which allows you to connect your applications and business systems to your customers easily and quickly.


We have  redesigned our Developer Community to help you learn how to quickly start using our programmable APIs and to provide a platform where developers and technical professionals can access interactive documentation, sample use cases and code, and where you can learn more about our services and ask questions.


The content of our developer community falls into three main categories:

  • Developer Knowledgebase - learn how to get started and get access to the latest FAQ, API and Developer Documentation.
  • Developer Discussions - an open forum where users can discuss development topics, ask questions, and post comments.
  • SMS Country Guidelines - provides regulatory and compliance information to help you communicate successfully with different countries.

The community also provides access to relevant technical blogs and a comprehensive glossary.


Visit our Developer Community to learn about our messaging APIs and how you can quickly start sending your first messages!


Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch
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