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How does Digital Interconnect protect it’s customers?

Digital Interconnect is in a unique position in terms of experience and connections in both enterprise and mobile industry. Thanks to a mix of internal knowledge, in-house tools and 3rd party services Digital Interconnect provides protection to all traffic sent through the Digital Interconnect hubs. Blocking rules apply after pre-defined volumetric and content-based checks for an efficient mitigation of spam and costs bypass.


To protect their messages, our customers can add Messaging Proxy 365 service: it filters A2P traffic and ensure that it is routed through the right channels. Click here to learn more about the Messaging Proxy 365 solution.


Our parent company Sinch offers a fully-fledged SMS firewall solution available in the cloud or at customer’s premises - SMS Firewall, which enables advanced protection for both domestic and international traffic thank to sophisticated crosschecks of SS7 information and Home Routing. Click here to learn more about the Sinch SMS Firewall solution.