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SAP Messaging Proxy 365 Solution Brief

Mobile network operators (MNOs) may think of messaging as a legacy service undeserving of continued support and resources. SAP Messaging Proxy 365 challenges this thinking by enabling operators to extract more value from existing infrastructure investments. Through simplified management of A2P and P2P messages, and outsourcing SMS transmissions, operators can better monetize SMS traffic and offer enhanced messaging services.


SAP Messaging Proxy 365 is a cloud-based service hosted and managed by the SAP Digital Interconnect group. This service enables the splitting and routing of A2P and P2P messages to the appropriate platform for more accurate delivery to subscribers and invoicing of messaging traffic. Operators simply reroute messaging traffic to the cloud service, and SAP Digital Interconnect does the rest. Through SAP Digital Interconnect, you can increase your messaging traffic volume to reach millions of mobile subscribers and grow your revenue stream.


Read the SAP Messaging Proxy 365 Solution Brief for full details of the SAP Messaging Proxy 365 service.


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