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Consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant


Consumers buy more from retailers who personalise the shopping experience across channels


Higher growth in market share can be achieved with omnichannel interation of marketing activities


Retailers looking to succeed in the digital economy and driving true digital transformation need to focus first and foremost on transforming their customer engagement strategies. Before they embark on this journey, they are faced with many choices, such as how do I identify the right consumers and their needs, which technologies should I use to engage them better, how do I structure my investments to maximize ROI, etc. Watch this webcast with IDC and SAP Digital Interconnect to find answers to these questions and learn about the New Retail Reality. Find out how you can increase the value of your business with an agile mobile engagement platform that enables you to transform customer data and predictive insights into relevant, easy, always-on experiences that drive brand value, customer loyalty and increased revenue.

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We are living in a multiscreen world with mobile devices of various sizes, smart shelves, and walls; the store is where the customer is — it is virtual and physical. The mobile device now plays a part in the majority of consumers' shopping patterns; enterprise messaging and intelligent, interconnected multichannel engagements have a significant value in driving buying conversions. Businesses can text their most recent product information, reminders of upcoming sales, and even instantly redeemable coupons directly to receptive consumers. Adding an SMS channel can optimize the shopping experience. For example, an indecisive browser might decide to buy if offered a discount or free shipping in the micromoment via SMS. Find out how Emmi Group enriched their consumer experience.

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Companies are centralizing care from all channels but utilizing the approach the consumer prefers. For example, customers might prefer SMS and chatbot customer service if there is an urgent need. Moving routine tasks to SMS and other channels can reduce call center costs, improve service, and resolve problems faster and cheaper. SMS-based authentication helps here too, especially with one-time passwords (OTPs) and password resets, which can be a large (and expensive) part of customer service center calls. The effectiveness of text messages can be improved by including a range of rich media as links to items such as sales videos, product information, store leaflets, and directions to store locations. What’s more, SMS-based authentication securely and reliably connects the "last mile" between the retailer and the customer, which builds trust and grows relationship loyalty. Read this blog about how Omnichannel is the new Intelligent Multichannel approach.

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