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As a banker looking to thrive in the digital economy you need to focus first and foremost on delivering an omni-experience through multichannel offerings. What exactly is omni-experience in banking? Omni-experience is defined as a multidimensional ecosystem approach for banks to continually amplify experience excellence for their products and services. A fulfilling multichannel experience needs to be addressed for customers as well as employees and bank partners. A true strategy utilizing multichannel is the foundation for providing a remarkable customer experience. Combining that multichannel approach with the omni-experience creates a perfectly balanced ecosystem between customers, employees, and bank partners. Read the IDC Financial Insights Whitepaper to know more.

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We are living in a multiscreen world with mobile devices of various sizes, where customers are more digitally fluent and digitally equipped than ever before, expecting their banking experience to be easy, convenient, frictionless, and available anytime, everywhere. Delivering an optimized omni-experience to your customers can help build loyalty, attract new customers, and positively impact your business performance. Reliance on the mobile device has become the epicenter of this experience, as more and more transactions either are initiated from a mobile device or utilize the mobile device for content delivery, authentication, or targeted messaging. Read how Banco Caixa Geral implemented SAP SMS 365, enterprise service, in its search for a secure and reliable SMS notification channel to prevent fraud attacks and create more-engaging marketing communications.

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Today, banks are centralizing care from all channels but utilizing the approach the consumer prefers. For example, customers might prefer SMS and chatbot customer service if there is an urgent need. Moving routine tasks to SMS and other channels can reduce call center costs, improve service, and resolve problems faster and cheaper. SMS-based authentication helps here too, especially with one-time passwords (OTPs) and password resets, which can be a large (and expensive) part of customer service center calls. The effectiveness of text messages can be improved by including a range of rich media as links to items such as sales videos and product information, What’s more, SMS-based authentication securely and reliably connects the "last mile" between the banker and the customer, which builds trust and grows relationship loyalty. Read this blog about how Omnichannel is the new Intelligent Multichannel approach.

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SAP Intelligent Notification 365

Leverage single API interface for enterprises to implement secure multi-channel engagement.

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